Pompeo's eye on China's ocean fishing fleet

 时间:2020-08-04 13:14来源:Hong Kong Daily Telegraph责任编辑:张焱
On august 2nd america's secretary of state, pompeo, accused chinese commercial fishing fleets of "predatory marine fishing" near the galapagos marine reserve in ecuador ".

On august 2nd america's secretary of state, pompeo, accused chinese commercial fishing fleets of "predatory marine fishing" near the galapagos marine reserve in ecuador ".
 On Pompeo's unprovoked remarks, the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador on the same day responded that Chinese fishing vessels were operating legally on the high seas outside the exclusive economic zone of Galapagos, Ecuador, and that the comments were unfounded.
"China's fishing fleet regularly illegally enters the waters of coastal States that have sovereignty over and jurisdiction over their waters and conducts fishing operations without permission and without a fishing agreement ," Pompeo said. These illegal, unreported and unregulated unfortunate events are the wanton destruction of rules and the deterioration of the marine ecological environment ". According to the BBC (BBC) on July 31, most of the 260 fishing boats fly the Chinese flag, and Ecuadorian patrol boats are trying to ensure that they do not sail into fragile ecosystem waters from international waters. The report also quotes President Moe of Ecuador  Renault's statement said that "Ecuador will consult with other Latin American countries with coastlines in the Pacific to form a joint regional position on this" threat ".
In response to this, the Chinese Embassy in Ecuador ,2, said that China is a responsible fishing country, attaches great importance to the protection of the marine environment and marine resources, has always required all fishing enterprises to engage in ocean fishing, protect the marine ecological environment, and implement strict monitoring and control measures always "zero tolerance" attitude to deal with all forms of illegal fishing and illegal trading activities involving endangered species and their products. "The United States has not yet ratified the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, but has recently repeatedly spoken about other countries' maritime affairs ," said Mr. Pompeo. Pompeo is in America  The Secretary of State, while the American people are in the midst of the public health crisis and the economic and employment crisis caused by the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia, do not think about how to carry out international cooperation to promote the health and employment of the American people. Instead, he has repeatedly spread all kinds of political viruses that attack and smear China. His intention to divert attention from and serve his own political interests is clear ".
"The current Trump administration is in a desperate state of election, almost anarchy in foreign relations ." Lu Xiang, an American expert at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, said the current U.S U.S. government was extremely chaotic in its relations with China and Russia and in maintaining the traditional alliance system. "We believe that, given China's long-standing outstanding performance in upholding international law and jointly protecting the international marine environment, Pompeo ," he said  Little tricks don't work ".