Golmud Kunlun Tianjie

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Under the Kunlun Mountains, Golmu City, there is a new street, called "Kunlun Tianjie", is quietly telling the story of thousands of years. This street with the Oriental rhyme as the meaning, hidden under the eaves of the spring and autumn and the story.

Remote view, two towering Han que, symmetrical, protect the four sides. Above its walls, they float Carving four patron saint- -Lu Wu, enlightened beast, yingzi, the Queen Mother of the West, look dignified, as if since Come in the myth. Between the two que, a passage leads to the rear, which stands as high as 42.9 The magnificent building-Kunlun Pavilion. This pavilion green tile zhu eaves, carved fence jade, colorful, wan Such as the heavenly palace in the Qiong Lou Yuyu.

At the foot of the Kunlun Mountains, Golmu City, the "ancestor of the mountains", now has this building area 61,000 square meters of antique buildings. With the layout of "one Pavilion, nine palaces and twelve workshops", it skillfully integrates Chinese traditional culture and Kunlun culture, presenting a unique charm. A few days ago, the reporter had the honor to visit the Kunlun Sky Street that will be put into operation. Walking among them, As if through the time and space, back to the myth of the ancient times.

A few days ago, the reporter had the honor to visit the Kunlun Sky Street that will be put into operation. Walking among them, As if through the time and space, back to the myth of the ancient times.

"One Pavilion" is the Kunlun Pavilion, is the core of the Tianjie. This pavilion has seven floors, towering into the clouds, solemn and magnificent. The first and two floors are all reliefs with the patterns of traditional Chinese culture, such as women Wa mending the sky, Dayu control the water, kuafu day, Chang'e ran to the moon and so on, each pattern tells one An old fairy tale.

The names of the nine palaces are all taken from the fairyland in Kunlun mythology, such as Langfeng Peak, Tianyong City, Jasper Hall et al. Twelve fang is named after the name of good luck, such as Changqing Fang, and Shun Fang, Jiqing Fang, with people's yearning and expectation for a better life.

Chen Qiang, the chief designer of Kunlun Tianjie, who is also the chairman of Golmu Guangda Real Estate, said of his original intention: " I hope to create a cultural tourism block with Kunlun culture as the theme, and integrate the long-honored traditional culture and Kunlun myth into the oasis city in the desert."His words revealed his love for traditional culture and Kunlun myth and the deep friendship for the city of Golmud.

Chen Qiang said he wanted to leave something to remember in Golmud. He wants to go to Tibet Guests can enjoy a rich experience here and find a place to rest. He is more I want to build here into an A-level tourist attraction, so that people all over the country and even the world know the existence of Kunlun Tianjie.

Kunlun Tianjie with "ancient" as the fundamental tone, but do not lose the modern atmosphere. It is listed in the name of the "street" The body combines the familiar architectural style with the modern cultural experience to create a rich one It has the humanistic atmosphere and reflects the plateau high-quality cultural tourism block with the characteristic culture.

Walking on this ancient street, as if you can hear the echo of history ringing in your ears. Qinghai small Yan Jingde runs a hot fish seafood shop here, and his signature dish seafood coffee and his favorite rice are mouth-watering. And the Mongolian talented woman just Deltso opened a family named Tan Yuan Xueyun's music meal bar, she hopes to bring beef and mutton from the source to the table at the same time A rich national culture.

There is also a team performing traditional Chinese opera on the street. They are Xing Lingcun from Luoyang, Henan Province and others who often perform Henan Opera, Qu Opera, Huangmei Opera and other folk art programs. When these traditional operas fit with the ancient architectural style of Kunlun Tianjie, tourists seem to find the feeling of going home.

"Take the meaning of the Oriental rhyme, hidden under the eaves of the spring and Autumn". This is the design concept of Kunlun Tianjie, but also its attractive place. This street is not only a commercial street, but also a tourist street bearing rich historical and cultural connotation. Here, people can taste the millennium of spring and autumn and stories, You can also feel the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture and Kunlun culture.

Kunlun Tianjie, waiting for you to explore, together into the thousand years of myths and legends, experience a different cultural journey.



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