Explore the ancient culture and media, and spread the Kunlun

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Kunlun for the ridge, rivers to, are for China! Kunlun is a part of the splendid Chinese culture and the source of the myths and legends of the Chinese nation.

Golmud, the Gobi New City under the Kunlun Mountains, is located at the source of the Kunlun culture. Established in this city, Qinghai Exploration Ancient Culture Media is a cultural media company integrating network new media, web celebrity economy, cultural and creative research and development, marketing planning, cultural exchange and stage art planning. It takes inheriting, continuing and spreading Kunlun culture as its own responsibility.

It is said that there are four patron saint in the Kunlun Mountains, namely Luwu, Kaiming beast, yingzi and the Queen Mother of the West. The Three Classics of Mountains and Seas states that " The Hill of Kunlun is the capital under the emperor. God lu wu si of. Its god, shaped like a tiger body and nine tails, human face and tiger claws. Is god, the nine divisions of heaven and the time of the emperor. It looks like a tiger with nine tails and a head with sharp eyes, and its duty is to manage the nine parts of the sky and the emperor garden. The nine parts of the sky is the entire upper universe. The seasons and solar terms of the garden and hanging garden of the Emperor of Heaven are also under his control, which can be called the great steward of the Emperor of Heaven.

As the representative of Kunlun, Lu Wu has become the favorite of tourists coming to Golmud, and has also become an important IP image in Kunlun culture, which is featured by the ancient culture and media.

In the new design, the ancient culture media will Lu Wu into the new modern elements, Lu Wu face design modified into 2022; the forehead of the crown, representing the brave, fighting spirit; beard to "Kunlun horizontal wild blue clouds" as the inspiration, highlight the Kunlun mountains, auspicious clouds, representing the beast clouds, is a symbol of status. Hands open to present a hug, indicating Golmud hospitality, invite friends from all over the world to ask Kunlun; Lu Wu nine tail for "nine blessing grain", Fushan Fu Yuan far, nine blessing republic, natural road, blessing connected.

"The world has nine blessings" comes from Tao Gu's "Qing Records", which defines Lu Wu nine blessings ", Fushan Fu Yuan Yuan, nine fu Republic, Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism and place, natural road, blessing and blessing connected. Happiness is the common desire and pursuit of human beings, and the word "blessing" embodies people's yearning for a happy life, but also a wish for a better future.

As soon as the new Luwu was launched, it was loved by people and became one of the best-selling "Golmud tourist souvenirs".

In addition to Lu Wu, the ancient culture media also want to follow the development of "Kunlun yuan", "yuan milk tea", "Qilin vomit book shirt", "winged birds", "fish dragon", "cultural fan", "wishing tree", "wishing wall", "Han makeup" and other cultural elements rich in Kunlun cultural works。

The ancient media continues to promote publicity innovation, change the concept of reporting, innovate the narrative perspective, strengthen the integrated communication, and produce a series of promotional videos with new pattern, new characteristics and new atmosphere, giving full play to the publicity effect and communication role of the typical demonstration of mainstream we-media.



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