"The Secret Land of Guoluo" appeared in the West Lake

 时间:2024-03-13 10:10 来源:Hong Kong Daily Telegraph责任编辑:Xuefeng
   Hong Kong Daily Telegraph, Hong Kong SAR Online News daily

Hong Kong Daily Telegraph Hong Kong News Hangzhou-On March 12, the 2024 Guoluo Prefecture to build an international ecological tourism destination (Hangzhou Station) cultural tourism promotion meeting, sponsored by the Guoluo State Party Committee and the people's Government of the State, and organized by the Guoluo Sports, Sports, Tourism, Radio and Television, was successfully held in the scenic West Lake. Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Radio, Film, Television and Tourism Bureau, Guoluo Sports, Tourism and Television Bureau, Guoluo Radio, Television and Television Bureau, more than 20 cultural and tourism enterprises, more than 100 media representatives and tourists and citizens participated in the activity.

       Suo Nan Caidan, deputy governor of Guoluo People's Government, said that Hangzhou is a national historical and cultural city with rich cultural and tourism resources, has world-class cultural landscape heritage, and is a tourist destination for tourists to yearn for. Guoluo Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture is located in the hinterland of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, the source of the Yellow River, is included in the Sanjiangyuan Nature Reserve, is an important part of the ancient Silk Road and the Tang and Tibetan ancient Road, is a typical epitome of the natural and cultural resources of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, known as the Water tower of China, the source of rivers, and the mountains of mountains.

       South just Dan pointed out that in recent years, the state and counterpart aid and developed areas extensive exchanges and cooperation, has achieved fruitful results, the seminar comprehensive promotion of the state characteristic tour resources brand and tourism boutique lines, improve the state cultural tourism visibility and influence of the fruit, expand the cultural tourism market, in order to further promote the state international ecological tourism destination provides a strong propaganda guarantee, at the same time in the 70th anniversary of the coming, continue to promote cultural tourism cooperation a new chapter laid a good foundation.

       Li Huixue, a first-level researcher of Hangzhou Culture, Radio, Film and Tourism Bureau, said that Hangzhou and Guoluo belong to the east and west of the motherland, thousands of kilometers away, with significant differences in climate and geography, and strong complementarity of cultural tourism resources. It is hoped that the two places will take this event as an opportunity to further expand the cooperation and exchanges in various fields.

        This presentation meeting, To warmly celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of Guoluo Prefecture, To comprehensively build an international eco-tourism destination as the main line, Closely around the whole state's cultural and tourism resources, Through cultural and tourism propaganda video exhibition, featured cultural and tourism products display, intangible cultural heritage handicraft project experience, folk culture experience, intangible cultural heritage song and dance exhibition and other activities, Visitors are invited to participate in the wearing of Tibetan clothing, beautiful Chen punching, traditional craftsmanship, Guoluo Guozhuang dance and national plus fashion creative food experience and other forms of experience and interaction, The characteristic cultural tourism products more intuitive and vivid introduction to everyone, Let the majority of tourists and we media people fully feel the enthusiasm of the people from Guoluo, Further enhance the high-quality cultural tourism image of "mountain water source, great beautiful Qinghai and secret Guoluo".



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