They harvest love on the construction site in Java!

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   Under the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesian construction camps under closed management.This is not only their only few ways of entertainment and leisure, but also the construction site lovers "show love" venue.

       Photo description: The Mid-Autumn Festival mooncakes sent by the foreign staff on the construction site before the overseas project Department of CCCC First Aviation Bureau, which is under construction in Indonesia.The Indonesian female dispatcher, was very happy: "I not only learned technology to work in Chinese enterprises, but also experienced Chinese culture closely, happy and very happy."!(Photo by Shen Junxiang)

As night falls, the camp basketball court, Li Yawen, a "Lingbo micro step" type of beautiful layup, won the side of the battle of Xiao Guilin loudly cheered.
"Beautiful, Avo"!Xiao Guilin shouted, while patting his hands, his eyes were full of envy and intoxication.
Under the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesian construction camps under closed management.This is not only their only few ways of entertainment and leisure, but also the construction site lovers "show love" venue.
From friendship at work to the spark of love
Li Yawen and Xiao Guilin are both employees of the overseas highway project of CCCC First Highway Administration.In this overseas engineering group of dozens of people, frequent work contact and business exchanges, and the two young people quickly formed the best "file" in the work.
Xiao Guilin, who came to work overseas after graduating from university in 2018, and Li Yawen, who worked a year earlier, are both "Xiaomeng Xin" at the construction site.Li Yawen, with more than a year of overseas work experience, inadvertently became the "idol" of Xiao Guilin's work.
Xiao Guilin is responsible for the business work is more a summary of settlement statements with subcontractors and suppliers.Although he was not in one department, in order to improve the accuracy and rigor of settlement and avoid disputes with downstream units, Li Yawen, as a financial background, took the initiative to explain the possible questions in settlement for Xiao GuilinQuestions and how to avoid risks.It was from that moment on that Li Yawen's precise and meticulous professional ability not only "impressed" Xiao Guilin, but even felt almost "worship".In front of the amiable "Avon brother" in this shy Hunan sister heart is more of a respect.Xiao Guilin, who has a "slow reaction" to love, did not mean that his own love spark gradually sprouted.
It took two years from mutual love to confession
Last year, a COVID-19 outbreak disrupted the pace of almost everyone's work and life.In Indonesia, the worst-hit area of the epidemic, both Li Yawen and Xiao Guilin are too busy to care about their "personal problems" in their strict epidemic prevention. The relationship between colleagues still maintains, and no one wants to break the window of love.
After the Spring Festival this year, Li Yawen returned from vacation to return to the project department.A welcome reunion of a few good colleagues.Yin Jingyan, the project manager who was invited to participate, raised the glass of Li Yawen and Xiao Guilin, who were sitting at the same time: "My colleagues on the project both think you are a suitable pair, and Yawen does not take the initiative to express their love."!
The manager's proposal, immediately won everyone a drink.
Without a little ideological preparation of Li Yawen blushed, looking at the opposite Xiao Guilin, in the colleagues of a heckling, the true feelings said: "Guilin, I like you"!

The atmosphere of the party immediately reached a climax, and Xiao Guilin's face was brimming with a happy smile.
From colleagues to lovers, Java is heart
The sweetness of love is like the most effective catalyst for one party.Li Yawen and Xiao Guilin quickly gained love on the construction site in Java, Indonesia.Not only work flying, life heart cherish.
Due to the epidemic, local employees work at home, which need not only to meet the preparation and reporting of domestic financial statements, but also to face the tax returns and tax refund of the local tax bureau. Li Yawen has no "help" around him.The computer he worked every day became a "central manager", switching command and communication with English WhatsApp with Chinese software, and becoming an all-around employee of the project department.
Xiao Guilin also completed her job excellently in her post. Due to the epidemic, she took the initiative to return to China in four months for a full cycle.
Love between lovers always proceeds silently.The air conditioning in the office blew Li Yawen shoulder wind, unbearable pain.Xiao bought safflower oil; every morning, Xiao sees Li Yawen breakfast on his desk, feel the warmth of the day..
Two young people who like to sing recently shot a TikTok short film with their mobile phones, choosing a romantic title: "I Sing Me to You".They recorded the unforgettable experience of workers from central enterprises working overseas along the "Belt and Road", and also remember the sweet love on the construction site.
Author: Cui Xiaoxue and Shen Junxiang




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