The British MP recommended Mr Johnson as chairman of the Con

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   Hong Kong Daily Telegraph, Hong Kong SAR Online News daily

[British conservative chairman was fired, have recommended Johnson took over] according to the British Daily Telegraph reported on January 29, the British prime minister sunak on the cabinet minister for violating the code of conduct announced removed the cabinet minister and the conservative party chairman, British parliament, former business minister, Jacob-mog in the media interview, recommend former prime minister Johnson took over the conservative chairman, said it has the position of "all quality". But there are also objections.

The Daily Telegraph reported that Reis-Mogg said this in an interview with the media's deputy editor, Camilla Tomini. In an interview, the report said, he "boasted" of Johnson that "he has all the necessary qualities to be (as) a party chairman... he is attractive, he will reorganize the team."Rees-Mogg also said it was a "mistake" to drive Johnson off Downing Street.

The Telegraph said another Conservative MP also told the media, "He (Johnson) will attract attention everywhere and I believe he can fill the Treasury better than others."The MP added, " This is not as stupid as it sounds. —— Who else in the party can play a really key role in raising money, boosting party morale and mobilizing activists to the streets?”

However, some oppose Mr Johnson's appointment as the Conservative chairman. Robin Walker, chairman of the Education Select Committee, warned that Johnson's return would prove the party is "very divided" and urged the party "to look forward rather than go back to the past," the Telegraph reported.

The Telegraph also said Downing Street said it would not make an immediate decision on Zahavi's successor and that Sunak wanted to take the time to decide the right person. The press went on to mention other candidates for Conservative chairman, including former Home Secretary Pritipatel, Conservative Vice Chairman Matvex and former Chairman Brandon Lewis and Oliver Dowdon.

Mr.Johnson was elected leader of the Conservative Party in July 2019. Pre-election polls at the time showed Johnson receiving more than 70 percent of support, well ahead of his rivals. However, the scandal that Johnson and his government staff met during the outbreak, which was exposed at the end of 2021, damaged him and the government. Facing strong pressure outside the party, Johnson announced his resignation on July 7,2022.



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