Perfume Academy: a courtyard, the city elegant

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Hong Kong Daily Telegraph Xiangjiang News Xining News On August 28, [meet the City of Happiness- -2023 foreigners + big V take you around Xining] Media journalists and Chinese and foreign travel experts came to Xining Perfume Academy to visit.

Perfume Academy is located in the ruins of Perfume Spring, located at No.461, Qiyi Road, Chengzhong District, Xining City. The academy is backed by the Ming Great Wall and facing the North Mountain. It has six functional areas, including urban study, ecological library, pottery printing workshop, cultural and tourism broadcast room, Chinese culture lecture hall and intangible cultural heritage exhibition area, covering a total area of 5,053 ㎡.

According to historical records, during the reign of Emperor Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, along the root of the city wall, there were Chafei archway, Tiger Cave, Xiwang Pavilion, Wande Lane, Yaowang Pavilion and other buildings from the northwest slope. The four times were close to the stone cliffs of the north city wall, there were spring water gushing out, and sweet and sweet, so this area is also called "perfume spring".

       In 2015, the central district invested 92 million yuan to launch the restoration and reconstruction project of the Perfume Spring site, and in 2018, the site was transformed into the first ancient architecture academy in Xining city- -The Perfume Academy.

Urban study. In March 2021, Xining cultural tourism, NHK to perfume academy awarded the city's first honorary title of "city study", the first floor hall became the main reading area, a total of more than 7000 books, including history, literature, biography, military, philosophy, psychology, fiction, red books and so on nine categories of books for citizens friends to read.

Ecological library. The ecological library mainly focuses on sunshine reading and high-grade nature education, with nearly 2,000 nature books (this). Natural science, environmental protection, safety books as the theme of the popular science library. The library is free to the public, and at the same time, using the Ming city wall of the Perfume Academy, ancient buildings, plants, to carry out a variety of nature education, safety education and other theme activities to the public. The library has a natural manual creation area and a reading area, providing readers with open reading seats for readers to rest.

         Tao Yin fang. The perfume spring and perfume garden with flowers and trees is now renamed "perfume Academy", and the "(ancient) Huangzhong Eight scenes", "Xining Eight scenery" and "Hehuang Poetry, Calligraphy and printing culture and art Corridor" are the position platform for us to understand and carry forward the context of Xining, and become a major landscape in the city of Xining. Reading, playing the piano, reciting poetry, writing, painting, engraving, everything, everything.

Culture and tourism studio. The "online + offline" publicity mode on the Internet provides strong support for the Perfume Academy to drive the whole people to read, learn Chinese culture and feel the historical context of the city. The central district cultural and tourism continues to expand publicity in strengthening media convergence, constantly activate endogenous power, and enhance the carrying capacity of cultural and tourism integration in the district.

Sinology classroom. In the classroom, there are Confucius portraits, pottery printed works, bamboo wall of the Three Character Classic, antique tables and chairs, electronic screens, etc., which can carry out traditional cultural teaching activities, respect the teaching of Confucius and Mencius, practice the instrument of wisdom, and recite the Chinese classics.

         Intangible cultural heritage exhibition area. In the past three years, the central district has successfully applied for 6 district-level projects, 4 municipal projects and 3 provincial projects. At present, there are 4 provincial-level intangible cultural heritage projects, 5 municipal projects and 10 district-level intangible cultural heritage projects. Among them, the provincial level is Xining silk wool tapestry production technology, Xining Maxing sheep sausage noodles (grasp noodles) production technology, Xining Liu brewing skin production technology, Xining Tianqi stick. The municipal projects include Qinghai Yin style palace Bagua Zhang, Xining Yinghua noodle production techniques, Xining Zhu Traditional Chinese medicine acupuncture, Xining Ma Zhong sweet fermented grains, and ancient "arm acupoint" diagnosis and treatment

Perfume Academy is a place for Xining citizens to learn and relax, and also a place for foreign tourists to punch in Xining.



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