Yunnan Mojiang International Twins Festival

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The Mojiang River is a mysterious and mysterious, life-heat-earth, located in the southern part of Yunnan Province and in the middle of the Ailao Mountains. In different seasons,

The Mojiang River is a mysterious and mysterious, life-heat-earth, located in the southern part of Yunnan Province and in the middle of the Ailao Mountains. In different seasons, the Mojiang River will always have different experiences and experiences, and can also find different moving and harvesting. In the cold winter, when the north of the country is in the wind of the wind of the silver-loaded poetry, while the ink-river, which is located in the corner of the southwest of China, is warm the four-way guests from the north to the south with its unique south-state, On November 28 to November 29, the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the Mojiang Hani Autonomous County, and the fifteenth anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China The International Twins Festival and the Hani Solar Festival of the Tropic of Tropic of Cancer in the China-Mojiang River are held in Mojiang County, Yunnan Province.
The theme of the activity is "40 Spring and Autumn Spectrum Hua Zhang Li set sail with one heart", which inherits and carries forward the regional culture on the line of return, displays Hani amorous feelings, geographical characteristics and double cell charm, and comprehensively shows the development and changes of autonomous counties in the past 40 years.
Mojiang used to be known as "obedience" and "Tarang", known as the hometown of Hani, the city of return, and the reputation of the family of double cells. Yang Jianzhong, head of the people's Government of Mojiang Hani Autonomous County, said in his speech that since the founding of the autonomous county in 1979, under the brilliance of the party's national policy, the industrious and brave Mojiang people, who have worked hard and bravely, have United as one, worked hard, and wrote a magnificent chapter in the common unity and common prosperity of all ethnic groups. In 2018, Mojiang County achieved a gross domestic product of 6.534 billion yuan, an increase of 23. 3 times over 1979; The total output value of modern agriculture reached 2.85 billion yuan, an increase of 7.5 times over 1979. The total industrial output value reached 1.51 billion yuan, an increase of 64.8 times over 1979, and the incidence of poverty dropped from 28.39 percent in 2013 to 12.11 percent. Remarkable achievements have been made in various social undertakings, with the face of urban and rural areas changing with each passing day, and the index of people's living happiness has been rising.
The Mojiang will set up the 40th anniversary of the autonomous county as the new starting point, unite the people of all ethnic groups in the whole county, closely surround the development and positioning of the Pu 'er "The City of the Better City, the Place of Health and Health and the Source of the Pu 'er Tea Culture", and strive to open the new situation of the new era of Mojiang, and build the Mojiang into an international two-cell tourist city on the Tropic of Tropic. Hani Culture and Trade Center on the Kunman International Grand Channel. Yang Jianzhong said. Today's Mojiang, economic prosperity, national unity, social harmony and stability, people's well-being and well-being, are in a new posture in front of the world.
It is understood that Mojiang North return Line International Twin Festival began in 2005, to this year is the 15th. This year, Mojiang County, with its native Hani sisters Hua Ma Qianya and Ma Qian Yi as its image ambassadors, invited 11 countries, including Russia, India, the United States, Poland, Niger, Lithuania, Uzbekistan, Iran, Nigeria, Greece, Ukraine, and other 11 countries, as well as world champions of synchronized swimming, Jiang Wenwen, Jiang Tingting, Chinese pop musician and music producer Xu Ziwei. National first-class actor Yang Qianlin and Hani Little Prince Li Weizhen and many other celebrity stars and guest leaders attended the meeting. At the same time, there is a double talent competition, Hani secret. 
Mojiang is the only Hani autonomous county in the country. Of the 360000 people in the county, the Hani population is more than 210000, accounting for 58.5% of the total population of the county. In addition to the Hani nationality, there are 14 ethnic groups living here, such as Han, Yi, Dai, Lahu, Brown, Hui and so on. Here, rich and diverse national cultures have their own characteristics and blend with each other, thus creating Mojiang's colorful national culture and multicultural co-prosperity of the humanistic feelings. In the mysterious and warm land of Mojiang River, the line of return is like a beautiful and warm ribbon passing through the county town, dividing Mojiang County into two. Mojiang also became a "one foot and two belts." "the mysterious pure land of. At the same time, it also created the unique climate conditions and magical and colorful natural and human landscapes and phenomena of Mojiang County and its territory, half in the subtropical zone and half in the north temperate zone. Because the mysterious and elegant magic belt of the Tropic of return passes through the city, Mojiang County has formed a unique climate and special geographical environment with no heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. The diversity, regional and unique characteristics of Mojiang natural landscape and human landscape are shaped. Because the line of return passes through the city, people here cordially call Mojiang County a "city of return", known as "the place where the sun turns around"!