Visit the Zhangzhou Open Economic Zone

 时间:2019-11-13 19:46来源:香港每日电讯责任编辑:张焱
During this period, the guests visited the China Merchants Bureau's core cloud valley exhibition hall, park interior view, talent apartment, Huawei Zhangzhou cloud computing data center, South Taiwu Gold Coast and other places,

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Hong Kong Daily Telecom Zhangzhou (CAN reporter Xue Feng)  On November 6,2019, the city's network security and information-based conference inZhangzhou City was held in the state-of-the-art hotel.    The company, from China Mobile, China Telecom, Alibaba, Huawei, Chinese Academy of Sciences, People's Daily, CCTV, and other units, together with experts and scholars and network media reporters, gathered together to make suggestions on how to further promote the development of the network security and digital economic industry in the state. Liu Yongxiang, a member of the Party Committee and the Deputy Director of the Management Committee, was present at the meeting. As one of the sub-sites, it has attracted 70 media attention.
The 2019 Zhangzhou Network Security and Informatization Congress was co-sponsored by Zhangzhou Municipal Committee propaganda Department, Zhangzhou Municipal Committee Network Security and Informatization Committee Office, Zhangzhou Public Security Bureau, Zhangzhou Digital Zhangzhou Construction leading Group Office, Zhangzhou Development Zone Management Committee, Zhangzhou Industry and Information Bureau, Commerce Bureau, Communications Management Office, big data Bureau, High-tech Zone, Zhangzhou Dunhuang Network, China Merchants Bureau. Xinyun Valley co-sponsored, Oracle (Zhangzhou) technical personnel mass entrepreneurship and innovation base to undertake.

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Build a platform for communication and cooperation Juli to attract investment services. 
The General Assembly has a main meeting place and three sub-sites, which is one of the main points of the meeting, and is also the main interview point of the large-scale wind-gathering activity of the national key network media in the state. The purpose of this activity is to implement the "large-scale industry, large-scale industry" strategic deployment of the city, to better position the projects of the State Development Zone and the Core Cloud Valley, to fully demonstrate the achievements made in the Pan-Information Technology Industry of the State Development Zone, to further improve the visibility, to promote the investment promotion and the development of the industry.
In the afternoon of the same day, the core cloud and valley sub-conference of the Board of the People's Republic of China organized a number of content activities such as project promotion, park visit and enterprise road show, focusing on the development and planning of the industrial development and planning, the core advantages and the supporting policies of the state development zone and the core Yungu project. China is an enterprise representative of the company, the top full of smart science and technology, the Polaris Digital Technology and other enterprises, as well as 70 mainstream media reporters from all over the country.
During this period, the guests visited the China Merchants Bureau's core cloud valley exhibition hall, park interior view, talent apartment, Huawei Zhangzhou cloud computing data center, South Taiwu Gold Coast and other places, and praised the environment and project planning.

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Weng Zida, manager of Zhangzhou base in Huawei's digital government business department, introduced the operation and future planning of Huawei's Zhangzhou cloud computing data center, and shared the experience of the project after entering the park. It is reported that Huawei Zhangzhou Cloud data Center has a construction area of about 11500 square meters and 802 cabinets. It is one of the highest cloud computing data centers in Fujian Province, radiating Fujian, Zhejiang, Guangdong and Jiangxi provinces, and has undertaken corresponding cloud services for 35 enterprises and municipal units. After that, it is planned to further deepen cooperation in the construction of Zhangzhou data harbor, artificial intelligence innovation urban governance, quality inspection government platform and so on.
Chen Haifeng, general manager of Fujian Youmanjia Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd., said the event provided a good display window for enterprises," it allows us to show the company's products and markets to the whole country, hoping to be able to build more supply chain cooperation with related enterprises inside and outside the region through this event. "Chen Weigeng, director of science and technology research and development of Zhangzhou Ai Jelly Technology Co., Ltd., also believes that this activity is conducive to the gathering of Internet talents and the exchange of enterprises," our company is doing the education technology industry, which can be deeply integrated with other Internet industries and promote each other. ". 

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The first Fifth Generation Pan-Information Industry complex in Fujian Province opened this year
To create a new high-level place in Xiamen Bay
A fifth-generation comprehensive information industry complex integrating the first low-density ecology, the business park, the smart science and technology and the production city in the region of Fujian. It is developed and operated by the investment of Yinzhou Development and Development Zone Co., Ltd. of the Company, and the development and operation of Fujian Merchants Yungu Development Co., Ltd.
As a national mass entrepreneurship and innovation demonstration base, the park is dominated by software and information services, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, new materials, digital creativity, high-end equipment and other emerging strategic industries. The first phase of the project has been completed a few days ago, with a total construction area of about 144000 square meters. A total of 29 buildings, covering the park service center, high-rise headquarters building, talent apartment, self-incubator, cloud data center and so on, will be officially opened on November 26, 2019.
Zhangzhou Development Zone strives to make it the best environment, the best policy and the most suitable open platform and information industry base for Zhangzhou on the south bank of Xiamen Bay. To this end, three years of zero rent, property costs halved, 600 yuan per square decoration subsidy, all kinds of talent subsidies and other extremely favorable admission policies, formed the whole life cycle of enterprises innovative venture capital financial service system, and around the main value chain to build a one-stop intelligent park service platform, the construction of "leading enterprises led, small and medium-sized enterprises grow, small and micro enterprises incubate" the whole industry ecology.
At present, Huawei, Tencent Cloud, Zhongguancun Egu, China Telecom, China Mobile, Jicheng Electronics and other industry leaders have taken the lead. In the future, thousands of high-tech enterprises and more than 30,000 highly intelligent people will gather here, with an output value of tens of billions, becoming the leading Chuangzhi highland in the Hercynian region. 

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Actively cultivate new industries Internet enterprises have a good momentum of development
In recent years, Kyushu Development Zone is actively adapting to the new normal state of economic development, embracing the opportunities and challenges brought by the rapid development of Internet information, and actively cultivating emerging industries such as pan-information technology, cultural tourism, intelligent automobile, and large-scale health, and is committed to promoting the development of transformation and upgrading. We will actively implement the innovation driving strategy and invest RMB 260 billion to build a smart city, and build 17 sub-projects including big data center and urban safety monitoring, and boost the development of urban governance, education, medical and industrial Internet and other fields. The major application demonstration project of the Beidou satellite, approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, has been fully operational.
At the same time, the State Development Zone of Fujian Province actively explored the creation of the "financial innovation practice area", which was established by the Fujian Provincial Government and the Development Fund of the Fujian Modern Service Industry Development Fund with a total scale of RMB 1 billion, which was set up in the Development and Development Zone of the Republic of China, with an initial phase of 5.2 billion yuan, and an ecological intelligent investment fund of 300 million yuan was set up. To speed up the construction of the public space and create a good and innovative ecological environment.
Since 2016, it has attracted more than 60 Internet enterprises, such as the establishment of a series of innovative start-up institutions, the development of Yi-en's reality (China), the love of jelly science and technology, and the creation of the Tizhi Association, and so on. The pan-information technology industry is preliminarily formed. In 2017, the enterprise in the State Development Zone, which is settled in the State Development Zone, is an intelligent scene classroom service company based in Beijing, and is developing intelligent scene teaching for higher education.
At present, the professional service of the enterprise has covered nearly 80 colleges and universities throughout the country, with a cumulative benefit of nearly 6000 students. The 2019 Xiamen Bay Digital Education Conference will be officially opened in Zhangzhou Development Zone on November 8, at which Ai Jelly Technology will release a new product of its own developed virtual simulation teaching system. "We want to work on both higher education and basic education and plan to increase our capital in the next three to five years to build an Internet-based education ecosystem," said Chen Weigeng, director of research and development at the company. ".