A touch of brilliant red in Lichuan Red

 时间:2019-10-17 20:00来源:香港每日电讯责任编辑:张焱
Xingdou Mountain Lichuan Red Army Yuncun Store quickly became a scenery of the military Village with bright earthen clothes, naturally fragrant Chinese black tea and professional Zhou Dao service.

           Representatives of multinational athletes drinking Chinese Tea Photography Zhao Longjiang

On October 12,2019, Hong Kong's Daily Telegraph (CAN), on October 12,2019, has received a warm welcome from more than 40 athletes and officials from over 40 countries, including China, France, the United States, Belgium, Russia and South Korea. Xingdou Mountain Lianchuan Red Army Village Store, with its bright soil-seedling dress, natural-scented Chinese black tea and professional weekly service, quickly became a scenic spot in the military transport village, and the Chinese tea has become a tool for communication and friendship between the athletes in the military transport village.
In the military transport village, the processing seller of the Xingdou Mountain Lichuan Red has prepared seven black tea products with Chinese "and" culture and "seven transport" as the theme for the guests. In the opening, the products such as the sweet osmanthus black tea, the seven-way and the tea, and the like are popular among the military athletes and officials of all the countries participating in the competition. Many of the athletes, such as France and Russia, will take Chinese tea every day, learn Chinese tea art, theory Chinese, "chinese black tea", "Hello.", "Thank you.", "You're welcome." and smile. The head of the team leader of the military transport village of Feiqiang Tea Industry, from the Starling Mountain of Enshi, Hubei Province, Lichuan Hong has the honor to enter the seventh CISM World Games athletes Village as the representative of Chinese tea, not only the honor of the enterprise, but also the honor and opportunity of Chinese tea, Hubei tea and Enshi tea. We also hope to pass on the Chinese tea culture to every visiting guest.

         Representatives of multinational athletes drinking Chinese Tea Photography Zhao Longjiang
Xingdou Mountain Lichuan Red Army Yuncun shop covers an area of more than 240 square meters, with the theme of "having friends from far away to treat tea". It is divided into four functional blocks: Chinese tea culture and tea performance exhibition area, Enshi Lichuan Tujia folk custom culture exhibition area, Xingduoshan Lichuan red product exhibition area, leisure watching film and so on. During the period, CISM World Games will show nearly 10,000 athletes from 110 countries around the world to promote Chinese tea culture, Enshi Tujia Miao folk customs, Lichuan black tea characteristics.
Zhuo Wankai, head of the Feiqiang tea industry, said that after receiving the task of building a store in the military transport village, the enterprise attached great importance to it. In line with the purpose of being responsible for the enterprise and winning glory for Chinese tea, the whole process controlled the product quality and service quality. The acquisition and processing of tea raw materials was completed not only in the advance layout of raw material supply, quality and quantity and safety; after becoming the seventh exclusive supplier of CISM World Games black tea on April 18, 2019, the company established a special team to be responsible for CISM World Games project operation; strengthened training for CISM World Games service personnel in aspects of foreign affairs discipline, work skills, reception etiquette, foreign affairs language and so on. The village is equipped with a number of excellent tea artists and bilingual service personnel, and strive to turn Lichuan Hongdian, a military transport village, into a window to display Chinese tea and national culture, so that "Lichuan Red" can become a beautiful scenery in the military village.