Financial media reporters walk into Nanchang

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Walk into Nanchang, into this beautiful city, witness the wonderful growth of civilization and the city.
Financial media reporters walk into Nanchang

Hong Kong Daily Telecom (CAN reporter Xuefeng) Nanchang, capital of Jiangxi Province, under the jurisdiction of three counties and six districts, three state-level development zones and Honggu Tan New area, near the air economic zone, with an area of 7402 square meters, resident population of 6.03 million. Nanchang is a famous national historical and cultural city, a national health city, a national water ecological civilization city, a national forest city, a national garden city and a national model city.
Nanchang has a long history
In 202 BC, the Western Han Dynasty built the city, which began to be called the baby irrigation city, after more than 2200 years. Nanchang is also a "heroic city." here, the Bayi uprising fired the first shot of armed resistance against the Kuomintang reactitioners, known as the "place where the military flag was raised." the bow ship of the 055 missile destroyer was also named the "Nanchang ship." With the approval of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, state president and chairman of the Central military Commission, the military Sports training Center of the Central military Commission training and Management Department carried out all-round cooperation with the Nanchang Municipal Government. All military sports teams of the Chinese people's Liberation Army are in the name of "August 1, Nanchang." Taking part in sports events has further enhanced the popularity and influence of Ba Nanchang.
Nanchang culture is heavy
Nanchang famous people gave birth to Linglun, the ancestor of Chinese music, Xu Ruzi, a high scholar in Nanzhou in Han Dynasty, the founder of Jingming Taoist School, and eight mountain people, such as the master of freehand brushwork in the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. Wang Bo, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty, wrote in Tengwangge, the three famous buildings in the south of the Yangtze River, the ancient sentence of "Luoxia and lone police flying together, autumn water growing together": Xishan Wanshou Palace is the birthplace of Taoist Jingming Zhongxiao filial piety; the archaeological discovery of Haiyao Hou State site in Han Dynasty shocked the world and was the largest, best preserved and most rich Hou settlement site in China at present.
Nanchang ecological beauty
Nanchang is rich in water resources, with "three rivers and five lakes". It has a developed water system network of "one river, three rivers and ten lakes". The water area accounts for 29.8% of the city's area. The environment is beautiful, the green rate of the city is 42.5%, Meiling is known as "Xiaolu Mountain", the climate is pleasant, the air quality index ranks first in the central provincial capital city for many years in a row, last year the air quality six indexes reached the national first class standard, among which the PM25 average annual concentration is the lowest provincial capital city in the province.
Nanchang has a unique location
Located in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, Nanchang is close to the south bank of Poyang Lake. Since ancient times, it has been called``Guangdong Minting, Fujian, Wutouchuwei'' . It is the provincial capital city adjacent to the Yangtze River Delta with the most dynamic Changjiao Pearl River Delta and the southeast of Fujian. It is the intersection of Beijing-Jiujiang-Jiangxi Railway, as well as the only provincial capital city on the Beijing-Jiu-Jiu-line. In recent years, Nanchang has quickly advanced into the``high-speed railway era'' , and is building an hourly high-speed railway economic circle with the surrounding cities. 
Financial media reporters walk into Nanchang
Nanchang has a strong momentum
In recent years, Nanchang has worked together to stabilize growth, promote reform, adjust its structure, benefit people's livelihood, and maintain a good momentum of economic and social development. In 2018, the city's gross domestic product reached 527.467 billion yuan, an increase of 8.9 percent; the total financial revenue was 93.86 billion yuan, an increase of 11.1 percent; and the local public budget revenue was 46.175 billion yuan, an increase of 10.7 percent. The added value of industries above the scale increased by 9.5 percent, leading the province for 19 months in a row, and the total retail sales of consumer goods totaled 210 billion yuan, up 11.1 percent. Nanchang County, Xihu District, Honggu Tan New Zone, high-tech zone financial revenue (city caliber) are more than 10 billion yuan.
Civilization and City grow together-2019 National Finance Media Nanchang
In order to touch the beating pulse of Nanchang city development at close range, Nanchang Municipal Party Committee propaganda Department, Nanchang Municipal Party Committee Network Information Office, Nanchang City Civilization Office, Nanchang Daily News website Alliance, sponsored by Nanchang News website Alliance, Nanchang News Network [Civilization and Urban growth-2019 National Finance Media Nanchang Xing] will be launched in Nanchang on the evening of July 4.
Media reporters walk into Nanchang
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In the next two days, media reporters from all over the world will visit the QQ family communication hall, interview the Nanchang High-tech Zone, watch the "Tengwang Pavilion Night Banquet", interview the VR Science and Technology Museum, visit the 8-year-old people and the Meihu scenic spot to visit and collect the wind, interview the city of the West Lake and the Zijin City community in the Great Lakes region.
Walk into Nanchang, into this beautiful city, witness the wonderful growth of civilization and the city.