Shennongjia Scenic spot unveiled in Shanghai

 时间:2019-06-20 22:31来源:香港每日电讯责任编辑:张焱
On the afternoon of June 20, the world is so big, Im going to Shennongjia to enter the national key city-Shanghai special theme tourism promotion meeting held at Jinjiang Huating Hotel. Shennongjia Forest region Culture and Tourism Bureau,

                         Clouds and fog surround the mountains and rivers to take pictures of Wang Bo

On the afternoon of June 20, "the world is so big, I'm going to Shennongjia" to enter the national key city-Shanghai special theme tourism promotion meeting held at Jinjiang Huating Hotel. Shennongjia Forest region Culture and Tourism Bureau, Shennongjia Tourism Investment Group, some central media, Shanghai mainstream media reporters, as well as Shanghai key tourism enterprises, the heads of travel agencies were invited to participate in the promotion activities.
With a special amorous feelings dance "Shennongjia Bangdrum", Hubei Shennongjia Scenic spot 2019 tourism promotion meeting officially kicked off. When Damien Nongjia meets prosperous Shanghai, it is destined to be a feast of Shanghai and Hubei tourism culture, and the meeting will also open a new chapter in tourism between the two places. This promotion meeting focuses on the central China roof Shennongding, Yunjian wetland Dajiu Lake, exploration and discovery of Guanmen Mountain and other six scenic spots, is a typical representative of Shennongjia ecotourism area, together to form a gorgeous landscape painting.

Photo Photography: Gao Yushan 
At the promotion meeting, Mr. Guo Liangping, Marketing Section of Shennongjia Forest region Culture and Tourism Bureau, introduced that the ancient and long geographical changes and relatively closed natural environment gave birth to Shennongjia rich and unique natural and human resources, which made Shennongjia an important ecological functional area and eco-cultural tourism destination in China.
Shennongjia four seasons scenery has its own charm, summer scenery and climate are particularly pleasant. Some data show that the forest coverage of Shennongjia Core Reserve is as high as 95%, and a ton of oxygen ion can be released every minute. The average daily temperature is between 18 degrees Celsius and 24 degrees Celsius. It is the best destination for summer and health care.

Pinghu Yingcailin Tu Shen Travel Group
As the core growth pole to promote the high quality development of Shennongjia forest region, Shennongjia tourism adheres to the concept of harmony, the improvement of quality, the service system, the construction of "agroforestry" ecological industrial chain, and the promotion of harmonious development of protection and economy. Guo Liangping hopes to use the promotion meeting to better spread Shennongjia tourism resources to Shanghai tourism groups and promote tourism cooperation between the two places.
This tourism promotion meeting, interspersed with Shennongjia folk songs, intangible cultural heritage project "double flower sticks" and other wonderful programs with local characteristics; the scene also sent out Shennongjia characteristics and good gifts for the lucky guests on the spot in the form of raffling. It is reported that next, Shennongjia Scenic spot will organize 30 special promotion meetings of key cities throughout the country, and launch global ticket free week and other preferential activities to present the sacred, mysterious and magical Shennongjia to the whole country and the world.