Shennongjia Hefei Tourism Promotion meeting held

 时间:2019-06-17 17:32来源:香港每日电讯责任编辑:张焱
On the afternoon of June 17, the The world is so big. Im going to the Shennongjia. will enter the national key city. The theme of the special theme of Hefei special field will be held at the Holiday Inn of Gujing. The promotion will show

On the afternoon of June 17, the "The world is so big. I'm going to the Shennongjia." will enter the national key city. The theme of the special theme of Hefei special field will be held at the Holiday Inn of Gujing. The promotion will show the beautiful natural scenery and the characteristic tourism products of the Shennongjia in the central area through the on-site explanation, the short film, the lottery interaction, the folk performance, etc., and the brand of Hubei Shennongjia is further hit in the central area.
Guo Liangping, deputy head of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Administration of the Shennongjia Forest Region, introduced the Shennongjia as the national geological park, the mystery of the wild man of the world, the rare and interesting golden monkey tribe, and the unchangeable albino animals. The spring mountain is in a long time, the high-mountain rhododendron is beautiful and can't be eaten; the summer is green and cool, and the autumn is a red leaf, which is everywhere in the oil painting wonderland; the snow in the winter and the snow field in the south are wrapped. It can be said that the features of the four-hour view are distinct and different.
The next step, Shennongjia will continue to carry out the goal of "World famous eco-tourism destination" put forward by Hubei Province, to build the agro-forestry ecological industry chain, to build the core growth pole of the ecological tourism area, to promote the harmonious development of protection and economy. Guo Liangping hopes to help the people of Hefei to realize the understanding of the Shennongjia, and to open a relaxing and comfortable ecological trip at any time.
The Shennongjia tourism, Hefei, will further promote the tourism cooperation between the two regions. In his speech, Chen Yig, the deputy general manager of Anhui China Youth Travel Agency Co., Ltd., said that the "magic" of the "magic" of the Shennongjia was not fair, so that more people know and realize the gorgeous and colorful posture of the "Shennongjia", as well as the best strategy to go to the Shennongjia tourism.
This tourism promotion meeting, interspersed with Shennongjia Bangdrum, intangible cultural heritage project "double Flower stick" and other wonderful programs with local characteristics, carried out a live draw, and specifically for Hefei citizens to launch ticket-free activities, from June 17 to June 23, 2019, Shennongjia "six" core scenic spots are open to citizens holding identity cards in Anhui Province.
People's Daily, Zhongguang Network, International online and other central media, Hefei TV Station, NetEase Hefei, Sina Hefei and other Hefei media reporters, as well as Hefei key tourism enterprises, responsible persons of travel agencies were invited to participate in the promotion activities.