Tsai ing-wen was scolded for infighting by the DPP

 时间:2019-06-11 09:50来源:环球网责任编辑:张焱
Lai Qingde's fight continued to the final "sprint" stage, the "independence" group today (10) raised funds to advertise, pointing out that "Tsai ing-wen cheating has been internationally certified."

The fighting between the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in the election of the leader of the Taiwan region in 2020 and the primary election in the Taiwan region intensified. The confrontation between Tsai ing-wen, the leader of the Taiwan authorities, and Lai Qingde, the former "premier" of Taiwan, continued to the final stage of "sprint." The "independence" group today (10 th) raised funds to advertise that "Tsai ing-wen cheating has been internationally certified."
Taiwan's United Daily News and other media reported on June 10 that the DPP's 2020 election primary polls began to run on the 10th, and Tsai ing-wen and Lai Qingde's supporters each advertised in the newspaper. Supporters of Tsai ing-wen published more than 100 people's encouragement to Tsai ing-wen in the advertisement. The advertisement published by the "independence faction" claimed that some Japanese media reports criticized Tsai ing-wen for some of Tsai ing-wen's practices in the 2020 Taiwan leadership election of the Democratic Progress Party (DPP) inner-party primary. The lone ad used the report to accuse Tsai ing-wen of "cheating has been internationally certified." The advertising content of the "independence faction" also said that the DPP is a local political party, and Tsai ing-wen used fraud. To manipulate the primary election is "the shame of Taiwan."
In addition, the pro-independence DPP primary observer mission held a press conference on June 10, criticizing Tsai ing-wen's primary performance. Jin Hengwei, principal of Kedagland School, questioned Tsai ing-wen that even if he lost the primary, she would rely on the "National Congress" to reverse the case.
Prior to this, Taiwan's "Ettoday News Cloud" reported on June 5 that Zheng Wenlong, chairman of the "Taiwan jury Association," severely criticized Tsai ing-wen's historical position as "a leader of the Taiwan region who openly cheated." And after Tsai ing-wen was advertised and scolded as "cheating" by the "independent faction", there were also netizens on the island who echoed them: Tsai ing-wen has administrative resources, it is easy to cheat!
Some netizens spoke bluntly to each other within the DPP: "Dog bites dog."
In addition, Lai Qingde and the idea of "independence" have long been seen through. Liu Guoshen, executive director of the Center for peaceful Development and Cooperative Innovation of Cross-Strait Relations at Xiamen University, told the Global Times. Lai's candidacy is just another pretentious political show. Liu Guoshen said: Tsai ing-wen dared not declare Taiwan's "independence," and the "independence faction" very much hoped that Lai Qingde would "make a scene" and "create momentum." however, it is not very useful to shout by breaking your throat. "
"Tsai ing-wen played 'Lai'" Lai Ching-de fried 'Cai' ", and the DPP inner-party fighting script of" breaking his voice and shouting "was performed one after another as early as March 18 when Lai Qingde announced his candidacy. Months later, Tsai ing-wen and Lai Qingde also confronted each other at the DPP's June 8 primary meeting.
In fact, Mr. Tsai, in addition to the time-history of the primary and the number of pollsters, has been struggling with two major problems: the first is that the Tsai-English camp is not "registered" with the "Riqing's sneak attack", disturbing the layout of Tsai; and the second is that Mr. Lai's camp has questioned Mr. Tsai's repeated attempts to avoid losing the primary. In the case of Tsai and Lai's inner-party fighting, the electronic newspaper reported that the two sides of the two sides of the two sides have accused the other party of launching the net army, and exposing the political and anti-corruption operation of the other party's political integrity, and the struggle of the gentleman, which was originally expected, has been lost and entered the most ugly political mud war.
The author of this article: Yin Yanhui, an intern reporter on the Global Network