Shennongjia Tourism Promotion Conference held in Beijing

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At 16:00 on June 10, when the world was so big, I was going to Shennongjia to enter a series of key cities in China. The Beijing special theme tourism promotion meeting was held at the Beijing International Hotel Convention Center.
Shennongjia Tourism Promotion Conference held in Beijing
Hong Kong Daily telegram (CAN reporter Xuefeng) Spring enjoy a hundred flowers and autumn to look at the moon, Xia Na cool wind winter listen to snow. June 10, 16:00 in the afternoon, "the world is so big." I want to go to Shennongjia "into the national key cities series promotion meeting-Beijing special theme tourism promotion meeting will be held at the Beijing International Hotel Convention Center. The promotion meeting displayed the brand image of Shennongjia cultural tourism in an all-round way, publicized the characteristic cultural tourism products of Shennongjia, and effectively promoted the cultural tourism exchange and cooperation between Beijing and Hubei.
At the promotion meeting, Ming Lei, deputy director of Shennongjia Forest region Culture and Tourism Bureau, delivered a speech. Ming Lei introduced the unique culture and natural resources of Shennongjia Forest region. Shennongjia is the intersection area of Huaxia national culture, Shennong culture Fuze Huaxia, the folk customs are colorful; Shennongjia climate is not hot in summer, no severe cold in winter, the forest coverage rate of protected areas is as high as 96%, and the content of negative oxygen ions in the region is as high as 168000 per cubic centimeter. Shennongjia has the title of "China Natural oxygen Bar". It is a resort for summer vacation and health care.
Shennongjia Tourism Promotion Conference held in Beijing
Shennongjia is the first site in China to be listed as the "three Crown King" by the three major conservation systems of UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve, World Geopark and World Natural Heritage site. It is hailed by National Geographic magazine as "a place where people have to go all their lives."
Minglei introduced the development of Shennongjia tourism in detail. In recent years, Shennongjia tourism strictly follows the construction policy of "protection first, scientific planning, rational development and sustainable utilization". Implement the goal of "building a world-famous ecotourism destination" put forward by Hubei Province. He hoped that Beijing's travel dealers and news media would pay more attention to Shennongjia and publicize Shennongjia. He invited tourists from Beijing, the whole country and the world to start more Shennongjia trips.
Shennongjia Tourism Promotion Conference held in Beijing
Mr. Xu, the president of the Beijing Tourism Association, said in his speech that the Shennongjia scenic spot's tourism brand will produce a greater appeal in the Beijing tourism industry, and the tourism of the Shennongjia scenic spot will be more attractive to the capital citizens.
The theme tourism promotion of "the world is so big and I want to go to Shennongjia" and the promotion of the theme travel products of Shennongjia ecological area were carried out respectively, and the four seasons beauty and characteristic tourism products of Shennongjia scenic spot were introduced through wonderful propaganda films. To the guests and media representatives to show the cultural heritage and unique charm of Shennongjia. The promotion meeting was interspersed with performances with local characteristics, such as Shennongjia Bangdrum, Shennongjia Song and Dance "Blue Bridge Water", Shennongjia Intangible Cultural Heritage Project "double Flower stick" and so on, which made the guests feel sacred and magical. Mysterious Shennong culture.