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   August Gannan, green grass, flowers, here is about to usher in the 20th nine-color Gannan Xiangbala Festival. On the morning of the 20th
August Gannan, green grass, flowers, here is about to usher in the 20th nine-color Gannan Xiangbala Festival.
On the morning of the 20th, the Gansu Provincial Government Press Office held a press conference, inviting He Moubao, deputy secretary of the Gannan State Committee, Li Xinping, deputy secretary of the cooperative municipal party committee and acting mayor, and Ma Wentao, director of the Gannan Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, to jointly introduce the preparations for the 20th Gannan Xiangbala Tourism Art Festival and a series of events and answer media questions.
The nine-color Gannan Xiangbala Tourism Art Festival is the highest, largest and most influential art event in Gannan Prefecture. It is also an important window for panoramic display of Gannan cultural tourism industry, economic and social development and open development level. At present ,19 consecutive successful sessions have been held.
The festival will be held from August 30 to September 1 in the cooperative city, sponsored by the Gannan state committee, the Gannan state people's government, the cooperative municipal party committee, the cooperative city people's government. The festival will be held at the same time as the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce Chamber of Commerce's entry into Gannan and the "Gannan Travel of Private Enterprises" and the 11th Eco-Civilizational La Zi Kou Forum. During the event, a series of meetings will be organized, including a forum, a signing ceremony and splendid performances, a dazzling array of merchandise exhibitions, a delicious food exhibition and a lively bonfire party.
Art Festival opening ceremony will be held on the morning of August 31 in the national 4 A level scenic spot cooperation city that week grassland. The performance revolves around the red culture, the poverty relief attack, through "the red classic sustainable circulation "," the poverty relief, the rich people exudes the Tibet "," the holy secret territory nine colors Gannan "," the national rejuvenation Chinese rise "," the auspicious prairie heart hand connects" five chapters, reproduces the long March spirit blood vein inheritance, the poverty relief key movement story and the local characteristic distinct folk custom culture.
Ten days later, the 20 th Nine-color Gannan Xiangbala Tourism Festival will officially open. Warm and hospitable Gannan children holding white Hada, invite guests and friends from all over the world, visitors from all directions to witness the prairie pageant under the blue sky and white clouds, and feel the infinite charm of "the whole tourism without garbage nine colors Gannan Xiangbala" together.



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