The Legend of Indian actress at the Film Festival

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In 2019, you will be invited to go back to the Indian-generation Vega.
The Legend of Indian actress at the Film Festival
Hong Kong's daily telecommunications news: Mr. Xu, the master of the world, looks forward to the general public opinion of the King of the Monkey King, and the second of the 22-year-old Shanghai Pudong Development Bank is from 15 to 24 June. The list of nearly 4,000 films of the world's 112-year-old and the land-to-the-earth movie, which is one of the most popular in 1875, is" along the road, covering the 53-year-old family and the ground. " On the other hand, it is the most important part of the city, which is the most important part of the world.
With the popularity of Indian films in the country, the global village unit of the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival has added the Indian weekly unit yuan, giving domestic film fans more opportunities to understand different types of films with different story backgrounds. I invite you to go back to the Indian generation of female stars.
It is worth mentioning that one of them, the Indian actress of the same period as the famous Chinese actress Ruan Lingyu, the life wonder of Mahanati SAVITRI, will lead the people to learn more about the history of Indian film and television. As a new Indian product in 2018, Nisan Karna Savit Vic ranks 35th in IMDB's best Indian film.
Through this film into the 22nd Shanghai International Film Festival, and fortunately here for the premiere of China. The show hopes to look after the 50's, when it comes to India and gold, to take care of the life of the strange actress, Savit, from the angle of the viewer and the film artist. The director hopes to see through the 1950s, when the Indian gold is reheated, from the angle of the viewer and the camouflage. Her ups and downs made the film one of the most dramatic stories in Indian film history. In addition, the film also recounts the Indian film industry students and the social society, so that the public may understand the mysterious India.
On the evening of June 16, there will be a formal meeting with the public at Shanghai Expo Shop 5 in the evening of June 16, in Poly International Studios, Shanghai. The main team will solemnly attend the premiere and share the superstar blockbuster with the current audience.
The date of the excursion is as follows:
Monday, 17 June 20 / 45 / 23 / 27
IMAX Store, IMAX, a financial center outside the city of Bosco
June 22 [Saturday] 10 / 30 / 13 / 12
UME Studios (Shanghai Xintiandi Store) umeDmax Room